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Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

i've got the spirit !!!!!

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a post by Fanny Mandik :)

God is reminding us one more time about our calling in life.
How about you? Are you walking on your calling at the moment?
Make sure you are.

If you haven't, then find your calling and walk it.
One of the simplest way to find out about our calling is the thing you"re most passionate about. God has put the calling in each of us uniquely.

If you know but have left it behind, then pause what you are doing now and think it over - we can never be separated from our calling. It's there, deep in our heart. We may leave it, but it never leaves us.
Go back to your calling. DO what God has called you to do. Don't hesitate, don't be dismayed.

Just like Jesus; He did what He had been called to do on earth. He made the most of His time on earth, and look at the result now: salvation for every human being! Jesus was rejected and despised at that moment. He had many good reasons to just abandon and leave His calling. But He kept living the calling.

Let's make the most of our lives by living the calling, doing His perfect will.

wow . inspirated me :) thankiess !!

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